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WORMUS by Victor Hohl is a tribute to his late grandfather, Alain Vormus (10th February 1941), who was a man of many talents. After a long fight against his illness he passed away in 1997, leaving the legacy of a great creative mind to his grandchildren. 

Born on august 31st 1994 in Geneva, Victor Hohl always knew he wanted to work in the Art & Design scene. Indeed he inherited the great creative mind of his grandfather, and the need to create. 

Listening to stories about Alain since his birth, Victor tries to live up to the legacy of his grandfather.




First love of Victor Hohl, he studied for more than 4 years and specialized in fashion design at IPAC Design in Geneva. He graduated in 2018 with a bachelor's degree. 

He received the Prize Of Excellence for his excellent work and seriousness. 

In 2014, he created a brand in collaboration with his friend Virginie called VVCLUTCHES, and created, as its name suggests, unique clutches and accessories for women.

After he finished his studies in Fashion Design, he actually found his first post-Bachelor job as a Graphic Designer at HOLYWEED, a high-end CBD brand in Switzerland.

More than 1 year working in the field of graphic design, AMARA A.EL-EINI, a group having over 8 different stores in Geneva and its surrounding. He had been hired as a Fashion & Graphic designer. During his time there he learned a lot in, not only those fields, but also much more in the business area of retail and clothing making. 

Since its birth, Victor adores Art in all its way, shape or form. Indeed, his curiosity always pushed him to create frenetically. From literature, drawing, or even writing, he enjoys a lot music & cinema. He considers video games an art as valid as any other. 

Since 2014, he found a way to express himself, by the technic of what he calls Pins & Thread. His method consists, as its name suggest, by putting sewing pins onto a canevas, recreating figurative shapes, such as portraits, everyday objects, or other art pieces.

Since 2019, Victor tries himself on what he calls "Digital Art". Making its debut on 3d softwares, he still loves to use this method to render everyday objects, putting them in paradoxal situation, or playing with colors and materials. 

In 2022, he also created a short video named BACK HOME, BLACK OUT, playing with a media he loves: movie making & story telling. 

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